School should be a safe place for teaching and learning for everyone.

CMS Circle of Safety

CMS works to keep everyone safe with a variety of measures within the CMS Circle of Safety   

On November 16, 2018 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) announced that additional measures  would be taken to help keep students and staff safe in schools. Safety screenings have been added to these measures as a deterrent and precautionary step. 

CMS will soon begin these safety screenings, starting with high schools. No middle schools or elementary schools will participate in safety screenings at this time.
Our goals are to keep weapons out of schools and to minimize class time disruption and distractions from teaching and learning during screenings.
About CMS Safety Screenings:

  • High schools will be selected randomly. No individual students will be selected randomly.
  • No-touch outline wanding and metal detectors may be used; bags will be visually inspected.
  • Safety screenings will not be announced in advance.
  • Safety screenings may include classrooms, a building, or the whole school.
  • All students in a selected classroom, building or school will be screened.
  • Safety screenings will be much like screenings at football games and other public events.
  • Safety screenings will be conducted by trained staff with support from law enforcement.
  • During a screening, no students may leave the school campus.
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