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Carol SawyerI’m Carol Sawyer and I’m running for re-election to the school board. I ask for your support. 

When I was 10, I tagged along to school board meetings with my mom. At that time, my district charged families textbook rental fees. My mom fought those fees. She saw first-hand families struggling to pay and the shame they felt when they couldn’t. I learned from her the power of advocacy and the importance of equity.

The lessons I learned from my mom live on in my heart. I now serve as CMS Policy chair. I work with staff and my colleagues to ensure that our policies reflect the vision and values of our community. I don’t want CMS families to face barriers that marginalize and exclude. My mom showed me how can policy transforms institutions and lives. And that’s why I want to continue this work that will make our system stronger, more accountable, and more equitable.

I would be honored to continue to serve you, and I ask for your vote on November 8.

Thank you for your support!