Focus on Equity

Last night the CMS Board of Education approved a revised Equity Policy. The Policy identifies six areas of action related to equity. Staff will provide school level data related to each area, and based on that data recommend actions to make our schools equitable.

The Policy also establishes a Community Equity Committee:

…as a partner in dialogue regarding equity. Members of the Community Equity Committee will review and discuss CMS data and programs in order to monitor progress toward equity. Equity Committee members will represent members of parent, student, educational, faith, and community groups with the expectation that they will become both thought partners in, and community advocates for equity. The diverse nature of the group will provide staff with a sounding board for future initiatives.

The Equity Committee will meet regularly to review reports and monitor progress. Observations and recommendations based upon those discussions will be delivered to the Board.

The new Equity Policy and the Equity Committee mark an important first step in involving the greater community in helping CMS create more equitable educational opportunities.