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“Sawyer possesses a detailed knowledge of not only CMS policy but schools in her district and the distinctive needs they have. That breadth of knowledge would serve District 4 well.” – The Charlotte Observer

Carol Sawyer – Your District 4 Representative for CMS Board of Education

Carol SawyerGreat public schools strengthen communities. Strong communities support great public schools. As a member of the CMS Board of Education, I will work to build great public schools for all children.

While some schools and communities flourish, others face the nearly insurmountable challenge of large numbers of children with extraordinary needs. Many students in District 4 live in poverty; often English is a second language.

We need to build upon the eastside’s natural diversity to strengthen our eastside schools.

Too often, only our most affluent schools have a broadest array of classes and activities, and the most experienced teachers. I will fight to make sure every child has access to rich educational opportunities.

I have advocated for equity, diversity, and small class size as a CMS parent, and as a member of the CMS Equity Committee, OneMECK, MecklenburgACTS, and the League of Women Voters.

I understand that meeting the needs of our students requires the full cooperation and support of state, county, city, and town governments. I will work to build the necessary relationships to make that cooperative effort possible.

We must ensure that students in EVERY school benefit from a full and rich curriculum, experienced and stable staff, and facilities that support learning.


Carol Sawyer